Pulling Products

Composite Double Braid

High tenacity low stretch polyester double braided pulling rope with factory spliced pulling eyes at each end. Custom lengths available.

Twisted Yellow Polypropylene

Premium grade U.V. stabilized polypropylene fiber: versatile, economical, lightweight, floats.

Pull Tape

measurements. Easily blown through conduits or duct. Available with or without detectable tracer wire. Long lengths also available up to 100,000 FT continuous.

Detectable Pull Tape

High tensile strength, low stretch. Printed sequential footage markings for accurate measurements. Detectable conductor wire woven into product. Provides a reliable means of locating cable in conduit.

Conduit Measuring Tape

Sequential footage marks from 1-3000 FT. Allows for fishing and measuring conduit runs in one easy step.

3-in-1 Pull Tape

3-in-1: thread, measure, and pull. Sequential footage markings with easy center pull bucket. Reduce tension at start of pull and low stretch.

Bucket Twine

Ideal for many types of pulls, including pulling rope through conduit. Will not rot, mildew or rust. Can be left in a conduit for future use. Ships in plastic pail for easy use and storage.

E/R 12 Strand

E/R 12 strand is manufactured from Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene Fiber (UHMWPE)