Preformed 7×19 Galvanized Aircraft Cable

Galvanized Aircraft Cable is one of the most commonly used and cost-effective wire ropes due to its flexibility and durability. It is manufactured and mill certified to meet all Federal specifications.

  • Preferred construction when high strength and flexibility are needed
  • Meets RR-W-410G and MIL-W-83420D specifications
  • Also available in 7 x 7
Preformed Galvanized Aircraft Cable (1)
7x19 Galvanized Aircraft Cable Closeup

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Part NumberSize in.PackageLength ft.Weight lbs.
GAC1671910001/16” 7x19wood reel10007.5
GAC0371602503/32” 7x19plastic reel2505
GAC0371905003/32” 7x19plastic reel5008.5
GAC0371910003/32” 7x19plastic reel100017
GAC0371950003/32” 7x19wood reel500085
GAC0471905001/8” 7x19plastic reel2507.2
GAC0471905001/8” 7x19plastic reel50014.5
GAC0471910001/8” 7x19plastic reel100029
GAC0471950001/8” 7x19wood reel5000145
GAC0671902503/16” 7x19plastic reel25016.25
GAC0671905003/16” 7x19plastic reel50032.5
GAC0671910003/16” 7x19plastic reel100065
GAC0671950003/16” 7x19wood reel5000325
GAC0771902507/32” 7x19plastic reel25021.5
GAC0771905007/32” 7x19wood reel50043
GAC0771910007/32” 7x19wood reel100086
GAC0771950007/32” 7x19wood reel5000430
GAC0871902001/4” 7x19plastic reel20022
GAC0871902501/4” 7x19plastic reel25027.5
GAC0871905001/4” 7x19wood reel50055
GAC0871910001/4” 7x19wood reel1000110
GAC0871950001/4” 7x19wood reel5000550
GAC1071902505/16” 7x19wood reel25043.25
GAC1071905005/16” 7x19wood reel50086.5
GAC1071910005/16” 7x19wood reel1000173
GAC1071950005/16” 7x19wood reel5000865
GAC1271902503/8” 7x19wood reel25061
GAC1271905003/8” 7x19wood reel500122
GAC1271910003/8” 7x19wood reel1000243
GAC1271950003/8” 7x19wood reel50001215