Preformed 7×7 Galvanized Aircraft Cable

Galvanized Aircraft Cable is one of the most commonly used, cost effective wire ropes due to its flexibility and durability. It is manufactured and mill certified to meet all Federal specifications.

  • Meets RR-W-410G and MIL-W-83420D specifications
  • Also available in 7 x 19
  • Can be used in place of 7 x 19 when less flexibility is needed
Preformed Galvanized Aircraft Cable (1)
7x7 Galvanized Aircraft Cable Closeup

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Part NumberSize in.PackageLength ft.Weight lbs.
GAC167705001/16” 7x7plastic reel5004
GAC167750001/16” 7x7wood reel500038
GAC037702503/32” 7x7plastic reel2504
GAC037705003/32” 7x7plastic reel5008
GAC037710003/32” 7x7plastic reel100016
GAC037750003/32” 7x7wood reel500080
GAC047702501/8” 7x7plastic reel2507
GAC047705001/8” 7x7plastic reel50014
GAC047710001/8” 7x7plastic reel100028
GAC047750001/8” 7x7wood reel5000140
GAC057702505/32” 7x7plastic reel25011
GAC057705005/32” 7x7plastic reel50022
GAC057710005/32” 7x7wood reel100043
GAC057750005/32” 7x7wood reel5000215
GAC067702503/16” 7x7wood reel25015.5
GAC067705003/16” 7x7plastic reel50031
GAC067710003/16” 7x7wood reel100062
GAC067750003/16” 7x7wood reel5000310