Custom Rope Manufacturing

Tailored-made, US-manufactured custom rope products by Erin Rope

In addition to our extensive line of stock items, our manufacturing facility in Blue Island, IL, is equipped with the materials and machinery to produce custom products to serve your specific needs. By request, our team can support the design, engineering, and manufacturing of one-of-a-kind rope products for your business.

How does custom rope manufacturing work?

Developing a tailored product depends greatly on whether it is a version of something that already exists (maybe the customer wants a different color or diameter of the product that’s already in production) or if it is a completely new product that we need to develop from the ground up or reverse engineer from a sample provided.

At Erin Rope, for specific tailored new products, we'd ask for three to five feet of a sample to analyze and take through the reverse-engineering process so that we can figure out: 

  • How much does the product weigh
  • The amount of material required to make the product.
  • The type of material used
  • Other specific characteristics

After the initial engineering phase, we create a prototype and send it for approval. At that time, we’ll also provide pricing based on the quantity required. Once the sample is approved, the new product will be queued for production. See production timelines below.

*If a sample is unavailable, we’ll meet with you to outline your specific needs and recommend a product and material type to fulfill those requirements or conditions.

Why Choose Custom-Made Products?

1. Lower costs

Custom rope products can be an affordable alternative to stock items, depending on your needs. Pricing comes down to quantity. If you’re asking for the complete development process to order one piece, the math doesn't add, but if the order is substantial enough, custom production is often economical.

2. Complete customization

Custom manufacturing guarantees that your exact requirements are fulfilled in terms of composition, measurements, performance, quality, or any other specifications.

3. Expert support

With Erin Rope, you’ll work with a local team of experts who have over 25 years of experience in the industry. Our expertise goes a long way in providing guidelines and requirements not only for your custom products’ performance but also for legal aspects such as safety, quality, usability, functionality, reliability, and packaging.

4. Clear communication and feedback

We guarantee not only premium products but 5-star customer service. You can expect straightforward, timely communication at every stage of the design and production process. Eliminate overseas delays, inconsistent quality, and unreliable customer service with custom, US-made rope products.

Custom Manufacturing Timelines

Depending on the customization level, timelines will vary:

  • If you need one of our products in a different color or diameter, a one-week time frame is standard -- assuming the raw material is available, and the production conditions are regular.
  • If you need to custom make a product from a sample, the prototype can be sent within a week, again, depending on stock at the time of the request. Once the prototype is approved, production typically takes 1 – 2 weeks.

Tailored-made, custom rope products manufactured in the US give our customers a strategic advantage that can positively impact brand awareness, profit, and market differentiation. Having a partner as capable and experienced as Erin Rope is an investment worth making.

Contact us today to learn how we can produce a custom product for your business.