Solid Braid Nylon

Erin Rope Solid Braid Nylon

Stays firm and round over pulleys yet flexible with good elasticity.  12 & 20 Carrier Solid Braid Nylon Cord Made From High Tenacity Premium Quality Nylon Yarns Stays Round on Pulleys Continuous Length Reels Good Elasticity Superior Abrasion Resistance Meets Federal Specification MIL-C-43307 Available in colors

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8 Carrier Diamond Braid Nylon

Erin Rope 8 Carrier Diamond Braid Nylon

High strength, low abrasion, parallel core. Resistant to rot and mildew. Cover over synthetic core. Nylon Jacket / Parallel Synthetic Core Excellent Elasticity Superior Abrasion Resistance UV Sunlight Resistant Economically Prices General Purpose Cord

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8 Carrier Diamond Braid Polyester

Erin Rope 8 Carrier Diamond Braid Polyester

Polyester jacket with a strong synthetic core. Low stretch, excellent abrasion resistance. Polyester Jacket / Parallel Synthetic Core Low Stretch UV Sunlight Resistant Superior Abrasion Resistance Economically Priced General Purpose Cord

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Premium Braided Nylon Seine Twine (Mason Line)

Erin Rope Premium Braided or Twisted Nylon Seine Twine Group Image

High quality braided twine, will not unravel after multiple uses. Full Sized Twine Continuous Length Tube – No Breaks Low Stretch Allows for Accurate Straight Line Rot & Mildew Resistant Available 250 ft. / 500 ft. /1000 ft. Lengths Multiple Colors Available

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E/R 12 Strand

Erin Rope E-R 12 Strand Main Image

E/R 12 strand is manufactured from Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene Fiber (UHMWPE) Benefits 2 1/2 times stronger than conventional pulling ropes Low Stretch – Low Creep 25% Reduction in Coefficient of Friction 0% Water Absorption Spliced Pulling Eyes Specifications Tensile Strength – 40,476 lb. Elongation at Break – 3.5% Specific Gravity – 0.96  

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Spiral Wrapped Light Duty Poly Twine

Ideal for many types of pulls including pulling rope through conduit. Will not rot, mildew or rust. Can be left in conduit for future use. Ships in plastic pail for ease of use and storage.

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Composite Double Braid Pulling Rope

Erin Rope Composite Double Braid Pulling Rope

High tensity low stretch polyester double braided pulling rope with factory spliced pulling eyes at each end High Strength Premium Grade Double Braid Polyester Rope for use on high strength cable pullers Low Elongation Torque-free Factory Spliced Pulling Eyes Custom Continuous Lengths Available   *custom lengths available upon request

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