Solid Braid

Solid Braid Nylon

Stays firm and round over pulleys; yet flexible, good elasticity. Meets Federal Specification Mil-C-43307. Available in colors.

Solid Braid Polyester

Stays firm and round over pulleys, yet flexible. 10% lower elongation at break than nylon solid braids. Excellent abrasion resistance. Meets Federal Specification Mil-C-43256.

Solid Braid Nylon with Galvanized Aircraft Cable Core

Solid braid construction stays round over pulleys. Produced with a wire center ideal for flag pole halyard.

Solid Braid Multifilament Polypropylene

Lightweight, U.V. resistant, floats. Ideal for halter and lead ropes. Variety of colors available. Also available in 12 and 20 carrier construction.

Solid Braid Cotton Sash Cord

12 Carrier polish cotton sash cord with synthetic reinforced core. Available in 100 ft. hanks (as shown) or 1,000 FT. spools.

Erin Rope Solid Braid Cotton Weep Cord

Solid Braid Cotton Weep Cord

12 Carrier construction solid braided cord produced with 100% cotton fiber. Contains no polish or synthetic fibers.