Hollow Braid Polypropylene

Erin Rope Hollow Braid Polypropylene Green and White

Economical, versatile and easily spliced. Rot and mildew resistant U.V. stabilized Floats Download the Cut Sheet Click button to download the cut sheet automatically Part Number ColorDiameter in.Length ft.Minimum Break Strength lbs.Approximate Density lbs./100 ft.Approximate Package Weight lbs. PHBW061000White3/161,0004500.66.0 PHBW063000White3/163,0004500.618.0 PHBW081000White1/41,0001,0000.99.0 PHBW083000White1/43,0001,0000.927.0 PHBW101000White5/161,0001,4001.414.0 PHBW121000White3/81,0002,0001.919.0 PHBW161000White1/21,0002,6003.232.0 PHBY061000Yellow3/161,0004600.66.0 PHBY063000Yellow3/163,0004500.618.0 PHBY081000Yellow1/41,0001,0000.99.0 PHBY083000Yellow1/43,0001,0000.927.0 PHBY101000Yellow5/161,0001,4001.414.0 PHBY121000Yellow3/81,0002,0001.919.0 PHBY161000Yellow1/21,0002,6003.232.0 PHBBW061000Blue/White3/161,0004500.66.0 PHBBW063000Blue/White3/163,0004500.618.0 PHBBW080500Blue/White1/45001,0000.94.5 PHBBW081000Blue/White1/41,0001,0000.99.0…

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E/R 12 Strand

Erin Rope E-R 12 Strand Main Image

E/R 12 strand is manufactured from Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene Fiber (UHMWPE) Benefits 2 1/2 times stronger than conventional pulling ropes Low Stretch – Low Creep 25% Reduction in Coefficient of Friction 0% Water Absorption Spliced Pulling Eyes Specifications Tensile Strength – 40,476 lb. Elongation at Break – 3.5% Specific Gravity – 0.96 Download…

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