3 Strand Twisted Tan/Manila Polypropylene Rope

Erin Rope 3 Strand Tan Manila Polypropylene Rope

Stronger, lighter and less expensive than natural fiber manila rope Made to Resemble Natural Fiber Manila Rope Film Polypropylene Fiber Construction Nautical Appearance Lighter & Less Expensive Than Natural Fiber Manila Rope Stored Wet or Dry UV Stabilized Fiber Commonly used as a decorative rope Download the Cut Sheet Click button to download the cut sheet…

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3 Strand Twisted Poly-Dacron Combination Rope

Erin Rope 3 Strand Poly-Dacron Combination Rope

High tensity polyester fiber wrapped cover over polyolefin core yarns. High Tenacity Polyester Cover Yarns over Polypropylene Core Yarns 5/8” & ¾” Diameter Exceeds ANSI & OSHA Standard For Fall Protection Highest Break Strengths In Cordage Industry Low Stretch – High Strength Resistant to Rot, Mildew & Petroleum Products Superior Abrasion Resistance UV Sunlight Resistant…

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