E/R 12 Strand

Erin Rope E-R 12 Strand Main Image

E/R 12 strand is manufactured from Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene Fiber (UHMWPE) Benefits 2 1/2 times stronger than conventional pulling ropes Low Stretch – Low Creep 25% Reduction in Coefficient of Friction 0% Water Absorption Spliced Pulling Eyes Specifications Tensile Strength – 40,476 lb. Elongation at Break – 3.5% Specific Gravity – 0.96 Download…

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12 Strand Polyester

Eri Rope 12 Strand Polyester

Polyester 12 Strand provides high strength, low stretch and excellent abrasion resistance in a unique single braid construction. Polyester we strand is easily spliced using a a standard tuck splice and is 30% stronger than three strand or 8 strand polyester. Its torque free braided construction provides easy handling and prevents kinks and hockles. Polyester…

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