Stainless Steel Lashing Wire

Stainless Steel Lashing Wire is manufactured from various grades of stainless steel. It is used in a lasher to lash a cable or combination of cables to a supporting strand.


  • Controlled annealing process yields uniform, fine grain structure throughout wire length
  • Magnetic thermally non hardening ferritic stainless steel
  • Available in 430 and 302 stainless steel alloy

Recommended Use:

  • Type 430 SS wire is the least corrosion resistant. Not recommended for use within 25 miles of salt water or industrial areas
  • Type 302 SS wire has excellent corrosion resistance in industrial areas. Recommended for use in corrosive environments with high tensile strength and breaking load
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Stainless Steel Lashing Wire

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Part NumberSizeTypeAverage Break Strength lbs.Coil
Standard PackageAv Weight Per Box lbs.