Spun Polyester

Erin Rope Spun Polyester Double Braid

Spun Double Braid

Double Braided ropes manufactured with a high tenacity braided polyester inner core and then covered with a spun polyester jacket. The spun polyester fiber jacket has a soft hand, and sure grip. The finished rope appears to have a fuzzy or soft finish. Spun Double Braids are often used in theatrical applicaitons.

Erin Rope Spun Polyester Solid Braid

Spun Solid Braid

Solid Braid ropes manufactured using spun polyester fibers. The solid braid construction allows the rope to maintain a round firm shape over blocks and pulleys. The spun polyester fiber creates a rope with a soft hand, fuzzy appearance, and sure grip. Spun solid braid ropes are often used in theatrical applications.